Pest Inspections

The only guests you want in your new home are the ones you invite. With a thorough inspection of your property, we’ll investigate any termite and pest infestation and give you the full report on any unwanted guests.

The damage from termites can be devastating to a property. Eyespy Building and Pest Inspectors will determine if there is the presence of active termites and any previous damage they may have caused. The areas they will focus on will include but are not limited to;

An overview of the property and any issues we see that may arise in the near future.

Any damage or corruption to the structure of the property.

We take photos and include them within our report to help you see the areas of the home that we are concerned with.

If for any reason, there are areas we were unable to get access to during the inspection we will make detailed notes on the unavailable section.

Eyespy Building and Pest Inspectors will endeavour to reach every inch of the property we’re inspecting. Our final report is not an official warranty against any further pest infestations. The areas we intend to inspect include;

Both the interior and exterior of the building

The roof and under flooring space

Garage, carport or external dwellings like a garden shed or storage space.

External toilet or laundry

Retaining walls

Driveway, paths, stairs and border fencing.

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