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No fall prevention to upper level windows and windows that are below 1.7m from the inside floor height, and that have a fall height of 2m or more from the inside floor height should have security screens fitted or be made to open a maximum of 125mm. Recommend to rectify to reduce the risk of people falling out of the window

A few loose, damaged and unsecured metal roof tiles to roof exterior, recommend to engage a metal roofer to repair/replace to reduce the risk of water leaks and damage (Note – Insulation tape used to seal joins of some metal tiles, water ingress evident from roof space inspection)

AC unit overflow, recommend diverting away from the building or to a suitable drain

Live termites found in tree stump to sub floor, recommend to remove all tree stumps, stored items under and around building to reduce the risk of termite attack to the building or if stumps cannot be moved, recommend to treat all stumps on property by certified pest technician